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By becoming a member, you will be supporting a BMW tech support network information system created for automotive professional technicians all over the world. In addition, your membership fees allow us to provide you with a unique search engine, developed by our company to help you search for any available information free worldwide. We have made SAMPLE PAGES of that information below. Our tech support system requires the dedication of hundreds of technicians donating their time to help others with unresolved issues on these complicated systems. Our goals are to offer members an extensive database of email fixes, acronyms, specifications, various problems, DTC codes, component location, repair instructions and more, all available to members.

We also offer a request information page where you, as a technician can request from our network any information, which may not be available to you. We will use our search engine to attempt to locate this information for you. If we are no able to find your requested information, we will post an information request on our email network and send it to all Subscribers and Members Worldwide. Your support is needed.

Member's Own Home Page

In addition to the above tech support services, we will make available to members with our search engine access, a directory link to a home page of your own or create one for you. Each member will be in our member’s directory and the shop locator system, which has been created for anyone to access from our home page. You do not have to belong to our network to access shop locators. Anyone visiting our home page will be able to find members repair facilities in their city.

As with any new technical information network, information is still being searched for and certain areas are still being added but with your membership fees, it will help provide us with the resources needed to constantly upgrade these archives with information from our search engines. This will bring you information on these desperately needed services as quickly as possible. Our dedicated administration department constantly upgrades our archives with email fixes and newly found information from our network on a daily basis. They spend exhaustive hours researching and verifying to the best of their abilities to bring you the most accurate information available from all of the Subscribers and Members Worldwide.


Please look at our SEARCH ENGINE capabilities & information for archiving and JOIN our group as a supporting MEMBER:

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